The internet magazine,

The internet magazine,, was initially conceived as a personal blog, but with the active participation of our company, was swiftly transformed into a fully-fledged internet magazine. In the pages of the electronic publication you can find:

• Interesting articles about your favourite drinks: whisky, champagne, wine, cognac, liquor, vodka, beer, coffee or tea;
• Online workshops on the preparation of original recipes and cocktails.
• Degustation photo and video reports as well as advice from experienced sommeliers, barmen and chefs
• Gastronomic trips and wine tours

Also available are quite interesting interviews of celebrities and their opinion on such commonly asked questions: What, why and how much do famous people drink?

The development of the website took our web-studio two weeks. The platform chosen for the site allowed the full implementation of the features requested by the client. The site design was executed in a tight collaboration with the staff of the “Idea Media” publishing house.

A convenient administration panel allows easy placement of publications, insertion of photographs and text as well as addition of slideshows and other media.

A well organized navigation menu makes a website that is easy to read not only by its visitors but also by search engines. This approach:
• Increases the number of site visitors;
• Widens its audience;
• Makes the site appealing to advertisers;

The results were available almost immediately
: within a few weeks after the creation of the site, we noticed an increase in the amount of unique visitors from 10 to 200 a day…

The most amazing yet evident fact in all this is that the increase in unique visitors per day was done by proven methods of optimisation and promotion of the site. Even paid advertising would not bring such stable results.

Future plans by the site management include the implementation of a forum and drink test reviews.