Website development

Creating a website like:
Business card in the Internet – website in the Internet, with description of your benefits or your business. Marginally essential representing of the company in the Internet, includes: information about the company in 10-15 pages, about 10-20 photos, descriptions of company’s activity, information about productions, contact information: address, phones numbers, e-mail (or form ) etc.

Internet shop – your commercial ground in the Internet. This website is like a tool for on-line trade. Your potential buyer can see the goods, comments and opinions about the goods, to watch a video which is telling some information about the goods which are offer, to buy goods which you are like even do not go out from your comfortable home.

Your own diary in the Internet – individual blog. Tell to the world about yourself not depending on your age or computer knowledge in the Internet. Tell about interesting moments which were in your life. Tell and will be heard in the boundless space of Internet.

Social network community – wide use blog. System which help people without special computer knowledge active discuss and tell your opinion about community life or numbers of people which are connected by mutual idea with using technological progress in the Internet.

Corporate e-portal – representing of company in the Internet with developed set of services for your client, using inside the company, which can include in:
Project Management system
CRM system of working with clients
Based on description of business process inside your company our experts can select, install and tune up all necessary modules to represent your business in the Internet.

Great business idea – we can help you to realize your great idea as service in the Internet in more profitable way for your future business.

If you cannot choose which site suit to you? Call us!