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First Impressions count
It is easy to notice from first meeting the JustHost hosting company how quickly and effectively it works, even going as far as calling this effectiveness immediate. The domain name registration occurs very quickly, from only a few minutes for the .com, .net, .biz domains up to 24 hours for .ca domains.

More for Less
The JustHost Company grants significant rebates for its users on the installation of virtual servers for website hosting. On registration, the company offers a free one year subscription for a domain name taken from list of available ones. Also available are packages for 3 domain names, with free registration for a year. The magic word here is unlimited. It is necessary to note the unlimited hosting space and unlimited server bandwidth, both for upload and download. As such, you can post gigabytes upon gigabytes of audio and video content on your site without any worries whatsoever. You can also have thousands of visitors per day for said content who will watch and download it, without any need whatsoever to be concerned about incoming/outgoing bandwidth.

A hosting service that delivers
The quality of the service of the JustHost Company deserves individual attention. All it takes to demonstrate this is the case of one of our clients. This client, we’ll call him “Alex”, while performing a content update on his site, accidentally replaced critically important files by their older versions. After contacting the maintenance service of the JustHost hosting company, the current versions of the files were put back onto the site within only a few hours. Having learned from his experience and having listened to our recommendations, Alex ended up subscribing to the everyday backup service of the “JustHost” hosting company. The server access speed of the JustHost company surprise even the most experienced webmaster. Video content can be streamed without any lag whatsoever, content updates of your favourite blog will not take more than an instant and images will be loaded on your favourite browser with such astonishing download speed that you’ll feel as if they were placed on your own local computer. It’s also always possible to add additional services to your package whenever you need them or switch altogether to a different one. You can also always switch from virtual hosting to the use of real server, which can be rented or bought and placed within the technical platform of the JustHost hosting company.

Simplicity rules the world
Many complicated things have become so simple, that we normally don’t notice how complicated they are while they work as expected and don’t require us to look under the hood. If you aren’t acquainted with the technical details of hosting work, you only need to open the application specially prepared by JustHost staff for this purpose and choose what you want to put on your site. Available for your site are several platforms which allow you to customize your site, such as the WordPress personal blog system, PhPBB forum platform, Joomla e-commerce system and many more.

Advertising is the engine of business
After the creation of your site with the use of the JustHost Company’s services or with the help of the professional programmers and designers from our company, your site will need to make itself known. For this purpose the JustHost Company offers the ability to advertise on the internet with the help of Google, Yahoo or Miva, which can be bought with ad credits that will become available to you directly after you conclude a hosting deal for your site with the JustHost Company
Make your website with us today and become successful tomorrow!